07 January, 2009

2008 in Retrospect - Joseph Hackett's 1st Holy Communion

23 November was a momentous day in the life of young Joseph as he received our Lord in the blessed Eucharistic Sacrament for the first time.

It was astonishing to see how truly devout this young lad was during the Mass leading up to that very special moment - it seemed as though the rest of the world no longer existed for him, as his eyes seemed to gaze unwaveringly at the altar and the preparation of the Eucharistic Sacrifice.

Truly moving.


Anne (aussieannie) said...

What a beautiful photo and what a blessed moment for Joseph!

My goodness the priest looks like a Father John I knew in Brisbane, one of the Capuchin fathers...we missed him greatly when he left, he gave the best sermons..

Thank you for sharing the photos!

Aliadelaide said...

Another beautiful moment and memory...and yes I've always felt this young man is very close to our Lord