07 January, 2009

2008 in Retrospect - Homeschool Methods Seminar

Together with three good friends, Beverley Paine or Always Learning Books (http://alwayslearningbooks.com.au/) and Linda Maher of Adnil Press (http://www.adnilpress.com/), close friend Nadia Taylor (Editor of the HBL (http://www.websouth.com.au/hbl/), and a a team of volunteers on the day, we managed to pull together a small seminar with workshops, and curriculum fair, which was held on 17 May.

Considering that we were all far flung from the venue (one of us being 4 hours north, another 2 hours south, and myself 1 hour from the city), and all of us suffering from various maladies and ill-health, it was a surprise that we managed to pull it off as well as it went.

It was a thoroughly exhausting, but enormously rewarding, experience. Whilst none of us are very keen to repeat the exercise as the main organisers, we would be very glad to support behind the scenes in the lead up, and also to volunteer on the day. If we had all been well, and not so far afield, and had just one more person on the team, it would have been a far less nerve-wracking experience, but we're all still glad we did it.
The photo shows myself in the background, Linda on the right and Anna Hackett from Fountain Resources (http://www.fountainresources.com.au/index.htm) on the right, on stage during one of the panel Q&A sessions.

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