11 September, 2014

Gawler Show, 2014

Two weeks ago was the Gawler Show for 2014 - one of the larger country shows for South Australia.  I entered two hand-woven items ( a jacket and a king-size shawl) but neither won anything - I think they were placed in the wrong category as well because they were on a completely different trestle to the other woven items.  And I entered 7 quilted items, scoring 1 first (and a gorgeous blue/white rosette), 2 seconds and 2 thirds - pretty good going!

I really should re-photograph some of my quilts as I'm using old photographs here.  One of the 2nd place winners isn't even photographed yet, and the vivid blue/watery one below is shown only partially completed.

Quilting Progress and Update on Life

Well, I certainly won't win any blogging prizes as I seriously neglect my blog!

It's been a very eventful few months since my last posting, not least of which have been an extended hospital stay and also an extended illness.  More recently we've just had our first driving holiday in 5 years - we had to "rob Peter to pay Paul" but felt it was more important for the family to destress and reconnect.

As to quilting progress, I was able to lay out the finished rows from the "This Goes With That" English-paper-pieced quilt pattern (and my friend's cat promptly, of course, sat upon it!).  All the hexagon shapes have been sewn together, the triangular points that will create the 'star' effect sewn on, and all that connected together into rows - now I can start sewing the rows together! ... and then I can start the whole process again with the dark hexagons, of which there is an equal amount to the light hexagons shown in the photo.