15 October, 2008

Liturgical Wheel

It took me 2 1/2 terms to finally perfect a schedule for our daily/weekly homeschooling that works well for me, the boys and my husband (he has to keep them on-track for the two mornings each week when I'm studying Auslan at TAFE) - we started with LEM's planner, which was a very valuable exercise for me, however we've now settled on a schedule/programme that I devised myself.

The next step to getting our homeschooling year well and truly on track, rather than lumbering from one thing to another without any real pre-planning, is to finally (after talking about it for 4 years) make our own liturgical wheel/calendar (I've posted a photo of one of my friend's wheel).

I'm hoping that, apart from helping me plan ahead properly for forthcoming feasts and liturgical seasons, it will help my children get a real grasp of the seasons of the church and how our faith should be an integral part of every part of their daily lives.