15 October, 2008

Liturgical Wheel

It took me 2 1/2 terms to finally perfect a schedule for our daily/weekly homeschooling that works well for me, the boys and my husband (he has to keep them on-track for the two mornings each week when I'm studying Auslan at TAFE) - we started with LEM's planner, which was a very valuable exercise for me, however we've now settled on a schedule/programme that I devised myself.

The next step to getting our homeschooling year well and truly on track, rather than lumbering from one thing to another without any real pre-planning, is to finally (after talking about it for 4 years) make our own liturgical wheel/calendar (I've posted a photo of one of my friend's wheel).

I'm hoping that, apart from helping me plan ahead properly for forthcoming feasts and liturgical seasons, it will help my children get a real grasp of the seasons of the church and how our faith should be an integral part of every part of their daily lives.


Purpleflowerpatch said...

You're right about the Liturgical Wheel, Marina. We had one last year and it proved it's weight in gold, but this year I relied on a calendar and it wasn't the same.

LD Snyder said...

I love your blog...in fact, I gave you an award. Check out today's post on my blog to see it!!!

Anonymous said...

Read your blog awaiting on update that may include the activities we did together and also the Deaf getaway.