06 November, 2013

Quilter Car Sticker

I don’t really go in for those stickers you see on the back of peoples cars that show the number of people in their families (great way for burglars casing your house to work out if everyone has left because they know how many people are in your family) but I think this particular one is just too cute ... I am seriously tempted to get one!

05 November, 2013

Recent Quilting Technique Workshop

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of participating in a quilting workshop across town (an hour and a quarter's drive away) run by published quilter, Mary Williams, where I learned how to do a machine applique technique for a stained glass look.  My good friend, Eve, met me there, and we were joined by two friends from the Gawler Quilting Circle.

My friend Eve chose to do the rose version and I chose the candle - I hope I can get it finished in time for Christmas!


Of all the varied groups I've mixed with during my life (students, dog training/showing, military, diverse work fields, ballroom dancing, homeschoolers, and even church/religious people/groups) quilters are by far the most friendly and genuine people I've ever met - they have been there for me when others have not.

Hopefully when I finish my candle wall hanging I will remember to post some photos here!

In the meantime, here is Mary's version:

03 September, 2013


My very first quilt (the green and red one) is called Evening Rose and is a single bed/lap quilt size (147.5cm/58" x 168.5cm/66.5").  $470

The second quilt I made finished (the blue and yellow one) is called Star Bright and is a lap quilt/wall hanging size (138.5cm/54.5" x 140cm/55").  $365

The third quilt I finished (the pink, cream and green one) is called Butterfly Kisses and is a receiving/cot blanket size (75cm/29.5" x 95cm/37.5").  $140

The fourth quilt finished (the cream and black circlet with pink ribbon) is called Wreath of Roses and is a wall hanging which is also a giant/continental size cushion cover (79cm/31" x 83cm/32.5").  $180


When life throws you a few nasty curve-balls, and you need to find a new interest (and friends), try quilting!  Definitely not cheap, but extremely rewarding and the women are so much fun - all in all very therapeutic.

Here's some of what I've been up to ...

English paper-piecing is something I never thought I'd do as it is all hand-sewing, but I couldn't face crocheting another to keep my fingers busy when I was out and about or couldn't use my sewing machine, so when I saw the "This Goes With That" pattern by Sue Daly of Patchwork With Busy Fingers I got over my revulsion for hexagons and have been enjoying this for a couple of years now:

Here is one person's interpretation of the pattern:

And here is the original pattern from Sue Daley:

And here is what I've done so far (actually I've done a whole lot more, I just haven't photographed them yet):

16 June, 2013

FOR SALE - Collectible Piquot Ware Tray Set

Piquot Ware  (expensive and collectible)  matching creamer, sugar bowl and tray.

Highly polished aluminium magnesium alloy (one piece castings - machine finished) with sycamore wood handles.  This set is stamped "T6" and may date from as early as 1949.

Collection from Evanston/Gawler.  Would like $40 for the set.