16 June, 2013

FOR SALE - Collectible Piquot Ware Tray Set

Piquot Ware  (expensive and collectible)  matching creamer, sugar bowl and tray.

Highly polished aluminium magnesium alloy (one piece castings - machine finished) with sycamore wood handles.  This set is stamped "T6" and may date from as early as 1949.

Collection from Evanston/Gawler.  Would like $40 for the set.

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Sue said...

Hi Marina, I just thought I would drop by to say "Hi.. I am blogging again" on country-blossoms.blogspot.com So I am trying to let all my loyal followers know that I am back in business! See you soon (oh Diane & I couldn't go on Friday, cos I am quite unwell, and she had been unwell too... oh well, probably saved us money!)