07 January, 2009

2008 in Retrospect - Homeschool Bush Dance

This year we managed to get to the annual Bush Dance which was hosted by the Adelaide Hills homeschoolers on 15 November.

It was an absolutely wonderful evening - nearly everyone came dressed in colonial costume or bush/stock attire, the hall was bedecked with gunny sacks, corrugated iron, gum branches, and all sorts of bush paraphernalia. The band was comprised of many homeschooled musicians who all acquited themselves admirably. The dance callers kept the dancers from devolving into total chaos, and all the dancers wore huge smiles.

My brother, who lives in the area, managed to join us on the night - the funniest thing was that what he wore was that which he wears as a matter of course, but he fit in to the theme of the night brilliantly!

We are soooo looking forward to next year!

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