09 March, 2008

What an Angel!

I know Christmas has long passed by, but I couldn't help wanting to share this beautiful photo of our boy, James - it was taken at a local fair where one of the churches had 'nativity dress-ups' with a photographer on hand. I just want to stare at this photo all the time - it's amazing how angelic he looks.


Therese said...

which fair was it taken at Marina? I would love to get a photo of our children dressed up like that.

Marina said...

Hi Therese

It was the Gawler Street Festival.

cheers ~ Marina

Therese said...

I thought it might have been the Laura folk fair when I wrote that but I have realized since that it is coming up next month.

Maybe next year we will get to the Gawler St. Festival.

Purpleflowerpatch said...

What an angelic photo of James - you should have it made into Christmas cards for this year. It's truly beautiful, Marina. I'm so glad you put it on your blog.
Give our love to the boys and John!