12 March, 2008

Wildlife at home (and not just the kids!)

Wow, we were so excited ... well, actually it was my husband and sons (I mised out) ... when they were on their way out the driveway and suddenly saw a goanna scuttle across it! John leapt out of the car and followed it with his mobile phone camera to get a shot to prove he wasn't going to be telling tall tales!

We've also seen blue tongued lizards in our front garden.

On our dirt road frontage we've also seen bearded dragons sunning themselves from time to time, too.

What a treat to see such creatures in the real 'wild'!

(the blue tongued lizard is the first photo, and the young goana is the second one)


Therese said...

ugh. Marina. You can have all the wildlife. I hate creepy crawly's. Any insect, bug or lizard just gives me the creeps.

I think having a blue tongue lizard in our back yard when I was about 4 has scarred me for life. This particular one scared me witless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marina,
We have some blue-tongued lizards in our back yard, and they are very welcome, but I opened the back screen door the other day to a foot long brown snake. That was very definitely not welcome, and I'm sure that you would have heard my scream from your place!