24 February, 2008

Trying out a different Blog Provider/Format

Hi folks

I already have a web blog over at HomeschoolBlogger.com (http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/MissTardy/) but think I like the look (easier to read) of the ones I've seen here at Blogger.com (Google) so am trying this out for a while. If Blogger.com is easier to update/use then I will most likely stop using the other one (it's all I can do to find time to keep just one up to date!)

We also have a family web page (http://www.wrightfamily.com.au/), but as we are only learning how to do one (and barely have time to manage email, let alone web site development) it is nothing more than a basic front page (sigh). Hopefully this year we will be able to do something more useful with it.

Some time soon we may get ourselves one of the personal distributor web sites from Neways (they are a really ethical company that sells non-toxic personal hygiene and home cleaning products, and high quality nutritional supplementation). Our very dear friends (who are also Christian homeschoolers) have one and it looks really great: www.myneways.com.au/fountain-resources



Therese said...

Hi Marina,

your new blog looks great. I also like blogger and it seems really user friendly to me. I will add this site into my home school blog roll.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marina,
I love the design of your new blog. Yes, Blogger is much easier to use than some others.

CatholicConvert said...

G'day from another "Wright" family that is starting home schooling. We live in NSW but the Wright name came from SA....